These online resources are helpful for language learners who need bilingual dictionaries, online translators, practice quizzes, and more. As you learn English and foreign languages, we recommend that you use all of the free tools you can find! Here are a few of our favorites:

Online Dictionary: English-Spanish and Spanish-English

English Dictionary: Definitions and pronunciation for many English words

English Thesaurus: Gives English words with similar meanings

Multilingual Dictionaries: This site offers numerous online dictionaries including French, Spanish, Italian,  Russian, German, Japanese, Turkish, and others. It also offers verb conjugations in French, Spanish, and Italian.

Language Forums: This site was formed by the above creators. You can ask questions about various languages and get responses here.

Yahoo’s Language Translator: This is Yahoo’s Babel Fish. You can translate messages between many languages (not always accurate, but very helpful for simple notes).

Google’s Online Translator: This is Google’s online language translator. It’s very clean and offers numerous languages.

Multiple Translators: This site provides a Google, Microsoft, and Babylon translators. Plus, it has a text to speech section. Excellent tool!

MyLanguageExchange: This site allows you to sign up and find online language partners. You can contact them to practice speaking online, email, by letters, or phone!

SharedTalk: This is Rosetta Stone’s language practice community. It’s free! Find language partners to practice language with.