Language Learning OnlineLanguage Pals links learners to resources that make language learning fun, affordable, and effective. The English and foreign language learning resources on this website include well-known publishers, retailers, and educational companies that provide specialized  language  tutoring, online learning portals, print materials like textbooks and flashcards, and fun tools like electronic flashcards and language software that you can buy and use online to study new languages or brush up on your conversational, reading, or writing skills in Spanish, Arabic,  German, and other languages. On LanguagePals.com, find links to popular learning tools, including these:

  • Language learning software
  • Textbooks for self-study
  • Audio CD’s for language practice
  • Comprehensive language software
  • Foreign language flashcards in print
  • Electronic language flashcards
  • Online tutors
  • Tutors who come to your home or office
  • Online translators, dictionaries, and other tools
  • Websites that provide language exchanges

The resources and websites posted on pages of this site are useful for business professionals, university students, grade school students, tourists, and other individuals who need various levels of language practice, homework help, conversation practice, listening, and tutoring from native speakers. Browse this site for information on languages, countries, reasons to study foreign language, and the materials to help you begin. Learning languages is not only fun, it’s a window into new worlds!